Specularity on invisible mesh

Is there a way for getting rid of excess specular where alpha’d out areas of my geometry?

note the fin of the fish -

there is a light source to the left (yours) and if leave spec on(for said light), i get image2, if i turn it off i get image1.

I want its spec on but I dont want it messing up my fin like that…

help please?:spin:

feel free to ignore the rest of the image :stuck_out_tongue: still working on those hopefully in time for the weekday challenge


I think you need a specularity map… a black and white image that shows the areas that you want specularity and areas that you don’t. I can’t tell you exactly how to use it though as I haven’t ever done one myself! If I find out I will post back.

I just had a quick test and this worked for me…

Have a material with two textures. The first texture is your spec map. The area I wanted spec was white and the area I didn’t black but either way works as long as you toggle the spec button right. Your second texture is your colour/alpha one (I used a PNG with transparency).

To get this to work right I had to drop the material spec to 0 and then control it with the var slider.

Hope that helps!