speculumphobia (Fear of mirrors.)

Ok, this just came to my mind, sometimes when i was younger, i were afraid of looking in mirrors.

This was for several reasons, but mostly because when i looked in a mirror, i was afraid of seeing some sort of monster or unnatural being in the mirror, or the mirror would not reflect me at all.
(and i heard this whole Bloody Mary thing.)
I was also afraid of opening doors for the same reasons…

Has this ever happened to you?
I find it highly amusing that this scared me.

(I was also afraid of toilets, and that they might contain a corpse of something would grab me from them and kill me.)

i know english probably isn’t your first language, but your usage of “were” instead of “was” makes you sound like a yorkshireman. I like that.

I love looking in mirrors. The only things I’m scared of are dragons and heights.


When I was little I was really afraid of the dark, heights is another thing that lasted a bit longer.

Now I practically have a fear of critisism to an extent.

ahh, i guess yer right, matey, but im a bit tired, my grammer gets a little messed up when i am tired. :wink:

Oh, and i must add: I am absolutely terrified of cute girls. I get like stunned and cant say anything!

I’ve basically got two phobias.

  1. Needles

  2. Kitchens at night. Seriously, I cant be alone in a kitchen after dark. No idea why…

I used to be afraid of windows at night. I could imagine someone (something) watching from outside.

Dusk, that time of the evening, right before it gets completely dark, and just a touch of ambient light left. I’ve seen some strange, freaky things in that time of night. I think your eyes play tricks on you in that kind of lighting. I used to be afraid of that too, actually until I was quite into my teenage years.

Now I just hate spiders.

Holy carp, that’s an easy one to fix.

Just date…UGLY GIRLS then.

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I’m afraid of cute girls too. They’re generally very very mean. :<

Usually I refrain from being around cute girls because they usually wear suggestively skimpy outfits when they sunbathe or something, I remember seeing suggestively skimpy outfits on girls going in and out of a Fairfield resort elevator and pretty much going everywhere in Ft. Lauderdale years ago for one thing.:spin:

You’re afraid of seeing cute girls in skimpy clothing? I think I’ve heard of the scientific name for it; I think it’s homosexuality or something like that. My best friend has that too, it’s pretty common around here so no worries.

I’ve always been afraid of getting into fights. Not so much afraid of the fight itself but the consequences of it. I usually try to be real easy-going.

I’m afraid of swimming in water where I can’t see the bottom, and window at night, I know nothing will happen, but I feel like something is going to come and attack me. And I’m afraid of being alone, what if something happens and know one knows. I am only afraid off the dark if there is know else there with me. I also love heights and mirrors,

-One point, I’m not gay.
-Second point, I don’t mind girls that wear proper clothing, like my mother and a number of our neighbors.
-Third point, if I was gay I would be a lot more attracted to guys than girls, even if the girl was wearing clothes far from skimpy, that’s simply not true.

My only fear is cotton balls

Oh and one time I was walking through the woods alone at night(I had snuck out to go make out with this cute girl) and ran into a bear, that was kinda scary.

Ooh, ya, that reminds me. Last year, I was leaving for work at 3am (dark) and I stepped on a skunk on my own front porch. I couldn’t see him eating my marigolds.

He didn’t spray…just got up and walked away. Once he moved, I could totally see that it was a skunk. Big skunk, like 30 pounds (14kg). I pissed myself, no…really…i did.

What on earth are you on about, homosexual males aren’t afraid of girls, they’re just not interested about them. Of course there can be a ridiculously small minority of them who actually have some sort of a venustraphobia but that has to be very small part of the overall population.