(microman) #1

well a new contest has started and i’ll be the host…so lets all join have some fun!!!the oficial site for the contes is
http://spinhead.homeip.net/sgmc.spy?contest=2 whare there will be continues updates on the condition of the contest to enter go to Chanal #sgcc (same server as #blenderchat and #gameblender) and tell me or you can post that your joining here…if posable
try to go to the chat room so if u have any quesions you can ask and get instant answers.so now join and have a little fun…micromanoh and PS the topic is “puzzle”
PPS the rules r posted at: http://spinhead.homeip.net/sgmc.spy?contest=2

(saluk) #2

I know I made most of those rules, but a few of them I think think need to go away. Being playable in vertex mode is kind of silly, because then no one can really use textures which is a bit rediculous. Also, as far as no .exe’s, I think that a .blend should be required, but if they want to send an .exe as well, that should be optional.

Other than that, let’s hope we get as good a selection of games as last time!

(blengine) #3

how much time do we have for this contest?

(microman) #4

ok i agree so its ok on to have an exe but you must include a blend file

about the vertex paint made i just mean that it must be able to play in textured mode sorry i made that abit unclear.

if u don’t agree on any other rules tell me i’m happy to change them so thay r more reasonable

oh and the due is on saterday at 10:00 PM pacific time


(Abracsis) #5

damn i never get to hear about these competitions till a few days before they are due in

I can’t ceck the forums every day i have a rediculously unstable, slow, costly connection at university.

Blah, maybe next time.


(saluk) #6

Abracsis, I believe you only missed a day and a half. The idea of it is a SPEED contest, you’re not supposed to have much more than a few days to make it.

I’m a little worn out from the last one though, if I find time on friday/saturday I may make something, but otherwise I can’t join in this one.

There will be more though.