Speed improvement: source minification, Brotli compression


I’ve just enabled two options that should help improve site performance:

  • HTML, CSS and JS are now served minified (and gzipped)
  • We use Brotli compression on our HTTPS traffic

Please let us know if you run into any issues (one that seems common in Discourse is long delays when you save a post).

Can you tell the difference?

  • Yes, the site is faster
  • Yes, I have problems (please comment below)
  • No

0 voters

No for me but my connection isn’t that bad to begin with.

No for me, but my connection is so variable that it’s sometimes hard to tell. But minification and gzip must be helping to some degree, albeit probably slight in the scheme of things.

Voted No (difference), as in “still hickups and the throbber going on” no. But getting used for “apps” to be like that. Price of complexity and many layers.