Speed = Lift Script

the helio.blend (526 KB)


Zeguy here, just asking if someone can help me out. In my little Spaceship-themed model, I have some Logic Bricks that tell my ship to go forwards. What i want to do is have a script that determines lift as a Local Force and one that is affected by such.
for example, my object has a set mass. (E.X. 100)
Therefore, per every 1 point of Force applied forwards, the upwards force= 0.7142857143
so, how do you script that?

Believe it or not I think you can do this without a script. Just use properties to control an IPO (2.58 F-Curve) that is applied as a force. I will try to set this up for you and post back when I have it working.

I actually made a video that covers IPOs or F-Curves and properties. was made for 2.49 but is still similar for 2.58.

Here you go! I simply used an infinite F-Curve that had a forward rate of 1 and a up rate of 0.7142857143, applied it as a force, and used a single property to control it.
the helio.blend (110 KB)

Notice as you hold the right arrow button the speed (should have named it force.) increases. The plain will not start to lift off the ground until the speed property is at or above 115. Pressing left decreases the force.
Hope this works for you.

Zeguy here

You Sir, Are Awesome.