[Speed Model] - Big Nose Man.

Hi !!!
My new speed model.
Model time: 40 mins.
Shading and texturing: 2 hours.

Wow, you did a great job of texturing! My only crit is that the inside of the nose is a little too, light. It should probably look more like the inside of the ear. Besides that, the modeling is very well done too, for a speed model. I like the way the cheeks are kinda puffed out.

Great modeling and skin shader.
It reminded me of Man Candy.

( Te felicito flaco, muy bueno)

Nice clean lines and shapes.

The shape of the iris looks a bit wonky though, with its warped edges

The hexagonal eye is intentional. This man has a special vision.


Ahh… in that case, it doesn’t come across clear enough that it’s a hexagon!

this reminds me of a lot of dr.seuss characters