Speed Modelling 13 amp sockets in a ring main

I am crap at working quickly, but i think i suprised myself. 1 hour 20 minutes it took to do this. I’ve actually made this for real in an electrics class (i’m doing an introductory diploma in construction: multi skills/NVQ Level 1)


When i complete the practical i will update the picture with additional components. My teacher was impressed with my work but then again he doesn’t do C.A.D.

Looks cool - I always like seeing technical/inorganic models. I think the shadows from the text are a bit distracting, but that’s my only crit.

I think the terminal boxes are a bit to shiny/reflective…never seen any that look like that. For the most part they are dull from my experiences.


An update after i got a lunch break at college to improve this.

No offense, but it took you an hour and 20 minutes to make a box with wires and clone it 3 times?

In a lesson when your sat next to a fat annoying ginger kid who keeps on pressing the microsoft calculator button on my keyboard it was a wonder that i got anything done at all.

Also i had to look for textures and render it in that time aswell. No offence taken.

Speed modelling is the wrong term, speed blendering with severe distractions would be more accurate.