Speed Modelling Challenge Help Topic

this is where you can post questions relating to Speed Modeling Challenge and the Channel and hopefully you can get some answers :slight_smile:


when will !manage work?

It does :wink:

how do you enter a speed modeling contest??

first come on the IRC channel #smc @ irc.freenode.net (you’ll need an IRC client) and wait there till someone can help you more :slight_smile:

what is that??? an IRC??

the site doesnt work…

get Xchat Here
You will need to configure it but its simple to understand…or find an IRC client for your OS…
also care to look at the Topic that is also pinned in this forum

Excuse me will you fellas or administrators orginize time and date when you do all the Speed modeling challenges becuz I live in New zealand, that my time is different to other countries.
Will their be a set time and a date posted in forums or said on the mibbit freenode website.Just wonderiing because I really want to be a part of the SMC but I dont know when it will start.Another thing is I dont want to stay up all night just waiting for it to happen randomly because I got school and commitments into other things but specially I love doing this stuff but I want to know what modeling challenge topic is gonna come up, time and date please?
Really appreaciate it.

Thank you

My IRC client of choice is Firefox’s free ChatZilla add-on.

Cruelty18, the smc’s aren’t organized in any way; just hang out at the irc channel and see if anyone wants have a go. :wink:

understood.Alright then

It says #smc is not a channel. What can I do?

Er, what client are you using? It should never say such a thing, if a channel doesn’t exist it should create it.

In the rules thread, it says: “Participants who have participated in an smc should not vote in the smc they participated in.”
Is this true?
I’ve seen people vote for their own entry…

I dont think anybody follows that rule

usually these smc’s dont get much attention, and if the participants dont vote, who will?

yup, i agree

How does it work?
The link smcman gives me just takes me to the main smc info page. :frowning:

animafreek was lying!

Ok old topic, but as manage was brought up, Currently…manage was never ported over when the site was moved to Smarty Templating System (google it :slight_smile: ) and i don’t think was really stable at the time it was around…if by some miracle i’ll try and get it going over the course of the smcsite update, no promises!

when do we get to see the sourcecode of this whole mess?

Ahhh this is why you bring it up in IRC :slight_smile: but you have the reason dude :slight_smile: