Speed my render

Hi All,

I am on V2.71 in Cycles so I have to use CPU to Render. Like Volume Light. I am trying to export a 1280x720 set on 24 samples. Yes it is an animation. Small animation of on object moving on “Z” axis. Not a lot by any means.

I have an I7 Ivy Bridge 3770K Intel CPU with 16GB of Kingston 1666 Ram. I do not remember if it is DDR3 or 5. Win7 Pro OS.

Is there a setting or something I can do to speed this render. I am at 1:15 doing 5 frames PNG.

I think there is something to do with Light bounces… Does the Homegeneous steps have anything to do with it as well?

Please if you got a pretty good setting to share, please do so. Via a couple screen grabs if you could.

I had a post tell me it is vertices and faces make a diff. I tried an experiment and it SEEMS that if it is out of cam view it does not do anything as far as Render times.

There are a couple of different questions directions here. The bottom line is the render setting to get some speed out of this. I thought I was going to do my Smoke here in Blender using a PNG seq but I could just imagine the time that would take!

Update due the 200+ that have looked in, with no reply. ( I am sure they will start now…LOL)

Here is what I found and at the bottom is what I did to tweak a 15 minute frame to 1 minute Render. Although I did sacrifice glisten or bounce. I am going to try to overcome with ambient light.

Cycles Set up
256x256 Tiles GPU For CPU 16x16 I used 32X32 for my I7 before my length increased for render.
And if those don’t work for you, try to keep it in the power of 2s (eg. 128, 256, 512, 1024),

as the processor handles these faster.

Bounce max 4 min 0

Quote Blenderguru Andrew “Samples are the noise that appear as your scene is rendering. In the render panel you define
the number of samples, and then blender stops once it reaches it. The more samples, the
clearer, but longer your render is.
More samples are generally good. But there comes a point where more samples does almost

I played with it from 45 - 30 and found 45 Samples will work for my motion graphics spot. The diff for me was 2 seconds from 30 to 45 with def more depth.


More from that article:

Some more tips to reduce noise (and therefore improve speed).

* Enable “No Caustics” in the “Light Paths” panel, this way you get much less noise when using
Glossy/Glass shaders.

I found that the typical cocktail of Diffuse and Glossy on a mix adjustments of .010 and .020 will ~ = 1 second of render

  • Use the “Clamp” option in the “Sampling” panel to get rid of bright pixels. Don’t use values
    below 1 or 2 though, as you would eliminate too much contrast this way.

  • Use “Filter Glossy” in the “Light Paths” panel to blur glossy reflections. Reduces accuracy
    a bit, but can reduce noise.

  • If you are using HDR backgrounds or Non-Solid Colors it can help to
    enable “Sample as Lamp” in the Settings panel (World Context).

More tips can be found here: http://wiki.blender.org/index

My setup:
Tiles 32x32 was best thus far
direct clamp of .06
indirect clamp of .03

Render at 45
bounces at 4 Max 1 Min
Caustics NONE

I also removed Chrome parts to a dull Aluminum finish. The Chrome was costly. Must be all the reflections in it

Here is a comparison of the two frames. The Second takes 56 seconds The First takes 15 minutes!

56 seconds… No chrome
Much darker however with needing 80 frames a scene x 3 adds up. I am going to ask in lighting how to add ambient light and hope that gets it by…