Speed of animation


Does anyone know how to alter the speed of a animation. Basically i am wanting to have a button on my scene that allows me to slow down the animation. Thanks to OTO I know how to do overlay scenes so the button part isnt a issue.


Move the keyframes closer together in the action editer- that’ll make your animation move faster.

You can tie an animation to a property, then control the speed of the property. If you make it a float, it will give you more room for speeding up and slowing down. For instance if you have an animation for frames 1 to 100, add .5 to the property at every pulse and it will play at half speed. That’s not entirely true, because the logic speed is different than the frame speed, but the principal works the same.

you could have a object with an animation then record the speed of that animation and calculate how many logic ticks it represent.

Thanks everyone will give it a bash