Speed problem in Blender

I got a new computer for Christmases, and of course the first program i installed was Blender:D Only problem is, Blender runs very slow, the computer has 1GB ram but it seems like blender does not know how to use that. I’ve heard something about setting how much memory blender should use or something, how do you do that?

thank you if you answer.

and if this question is confusing you so ask me about it so will I try to explain it better.

There could be reasons why you’re not getting good performance, but it’s easier for us to guess if you give us more details on your system: operating system (specific version – “ubuntu”, “windows vista”), processor, video card chipset (ati? nvidia?), processor (brand, clock rate), type of memory (ddr? ddr2? clock rate), etc. And what version of Blender are you running? Is it a special compilation, a release candidate, a patched version?

P.S. Vista simply sabotages OpenGL. nVidia, I think, has a beta driver that restores hardware OpenGL support, but you’d be on your own.

I run windows xp with an AMD Turion64x2 processor. The blender version is Blender 2.43RC3 the video card chipset is ATI radeon xpress 1150, and i didn’t understood this part " type of memory (ddr? ddr2? clock rate)".

Dont kill me because of my bad english skills.

It’s the Radeon Xpress 1150.

ATI has a notoriously poor OpenGL implementation and it’s an integrated chipset, so don’t expect any kind of performance from there, even with proper drivers (which, for ATI, are NOT already the latest).

Speed, in that case, has nothing to do with the RAM nor the processor.


Is there anything I can do with it?

Get the files from an nVidia driver and overwrite the OpenGL driver DLL. More info here.

I just bought a new HP with Nvidia video card 284 MB shared memory, AMD Turion 64 x2 and windows vista premium. Blender runs well at first, but then after about 15min to 20 min it slows way down.