speed problem

I have a big problem with the game engine. I have make a small fps game. The moving seem good on slow and fast machines, but the turning is bad. On fast machine, the turning is fast, and on slow machines, the turning is slow.

If you use dRot for rotation, rotation spped depends on frame rate. If your fast comp does 100 fps and slow one does 25 fps, rotation on fast computer will be 4 times faster.

Use angV instead.

Hm, thank you!!!
But how can I reset angV? If player not hold the key, I need to reset angV.

Add sensor for that key (used for rotation), set it to inverse mode, and add actuator with angV set to 0.001. angV = 0.000 in actuator does nothing.

Hm. This is not works… :frowning:

Check out this file -> ash.webpark.sk/angV.blend Open it, run the game, when space is pressed, square rotates, when it is released, square stops.

hm strange
your file works… I copy it to my work… and not work… I am stupid

but now I solve this… I write negativ number into angV to the INV key

but thanks.

Eh… forget me.
I want to use game engine, but I don’t want to learn it. :slight_smile:

And for an fps game, I need mouse look… so I not work on this keyboard controll…

But thanks.