Speed Racer A Whole New World 2 (WIP)

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The World of Blender Racing Starts Here

SpeedRacer a whole new world 2 is going to be a game made on the Blender Game Engine. Its all about becoming the speed racer by doing races that will give you enough money in order to change your cars appearance. The game will be designed in such a way that it will expose you to different environments and terrains. So this game will allow the player to experience and explore the New world of racing on the blender
game engine.

FEATURES: (Standard Features)

  • HD Textures
  • Drag Races
  • 2 Player Split-Screen
  • a full story mode

Title: Speed Racer a whole new world 2
Developer: Kineknet studios
Powered by: Blender Game Engine
Current info: Project has been Paused
Platform: PC ( windows , MAC , Linux )
Genre: Arcade Racing & Action
Release date: The Project has been paused

!!! See thread Below for last content !!!

The Official Demos 2018: (Demo’s that were going to be released this year)

  • BUILD 3.0.0 (Current build)

  • Build 4.0.0 (During the year)

  • Build 5.0.0 (Official BETA Build)


!!! Posts (Time period)
January 2018 - July 2018

  • I will be posting the last of what i did on the Game, however the project has been paused… (i may finnish just the demo and release it)


  • The Game Has been stopped as i am going to be moving on to NEW & Different commercial projects now this game could qualify for the commercial Market but the Engine would need to be changed and also it would be a big budget game, if i used a team to complete it !!! I could have also finished it myself alone but a group of people have been forcing me and investors requesting that i should go commercial.

(The Whole intention for this project was for it to be a Free Blender Racing Game with the next title being a commercial brand on its own, I will still be owning the project as the founder and director of it but i wont cancel it but simply put its production to a stop and its possible that i might come back to it in future and Finnish of where i left off if i find the time to do it)

Another way would hve been to pass it down on to the Community and have it developed by other blender Game Designers but i haven’t confirmed yet i will see what is possible to do, If you were such a big fan of this project i wish i could release it and have you guys play it but that most likely seems impossible right now and also its been 3 to 4 years of me working on this so it wouldn’t feel right just giving it away like that. (so no worries stay awesome everyone and keep blendering on BGE and UPBGE !!!)





(Skormeus) #2

don’t you dare close your eyes

(Fred/K.S) #3

HuH ,So far my race tracks don’t look so good iam still making the new world of my new
speed racer Game.

(Fred/K.S) #4

This Game project will be designed in a way that
it will deliver the best possible performance of a blender game
functioning at a full 60 Frames per Second.

Hey Guy’s ah , About the game tutorials i can only say that
i will only upload them as well as the files only wheen my game
project is done.

(Fred/K.S) #5

Hey Guys iam so so sorry but iam really trying my best with this project so far everything is going well.

!!! Anyway Here’s some of my June 2015-October 2015 pics of my WORKS IN PROGRESS !!!

Feedback:So far the game seems to be doing well no Lag issues it runs really well on windows 7 & windows 8 iam not quite sure about 10 or 8.1, AI functionality is good and they bring about tough competition right now iam currently bsy on the Race Tracks for the upcoming Demo and iam also working on the game sound especially the cars, all cars are ready Note:there wont be all the cars from the official game but i picked out what was necessary for the demo if you viewed this thread thank you very much guys. !!! :slight_smile:

The trailer and demo are being worked on.

(mziskandar) #6

Looking good. Just a suggestion. Use skybox for the garage - so you wont have (extra how to make it looks right lighting/material/tiny object) headache.

(Fred/K.S) #7

Thanks man :yes:. you know i really try my best so far its good in terms of peformance
it runs great on all PC’s. i cant wait to release this game , i thought that it would be better
if i make it a blender open world racing Game. Let me know what yaull guys think ???

(MarvinCJames) #8

Looking good :smiley:

Can you use those sponsors in your game?

(Fred/K.S) #9

Hey thanks Man sure.:slight_smile:

(Fred/K.S) #10

This game is still far from the finnish line. it could take a
good while to finnish this project.

(Fred/K.S) #11

So basically the Trailer is being made and for now ive just decided to render
a few showcase Pictures for January 2016 works in progress !!! :cool:

(adriansnetlis) #12

Wow… Looks so good. You need to add car reflections, though!:wink:
How high poly count are those cars? I wish I’d be such a good car modeller:D

(Fred/K.S) #13

Yeah Yeah im Actually working on that man thanks…:cool:

The thing is im working on an official Trailer and at the same time the Demo
this is really going to be a big game man the day i Officially release this Game people
will Love it man !!!:cool: but anyway iam really enjoying making this project the only
problem is that its really going slow. :frowning: Pre-Alpha gameplays are comming soon…

(Fred/K.S) #14

Oh and Guys Do Not Worry about the Vertices and all these High Poly Models
because i found a way for the Game to run really smooth No Lag or Low Frame rate
the Game will Not Lag !!! However Detailed shadows and High Real time Reflections
could Lag the Game so iam working on that too !!! the Optimization part of the game
is a Major focus for me because of all these High Models iam using really demand alot
but ive managed to save High peformance issues. the Demo which iam busy with will
Determine whether the game will be Great or Not…
These show case images represent the actual Game play Graphics of the Demo , the Tutorials
on some of the aspects on How to create a Game Like this should be released when the project
is finished. (Hopefully) !!! this is really a Big project so judging on the time due to Finnish this
i dont know but iam sure to release its official Trailer and the DEMO !!!

!!! i will inform Blender Artist’s when the Demo will be finished Later this Year !!!

(Fred/K.S) #15

The cars reflections is one of my biggest challenges as well as the propper texturing and also as you can see iam currently busy with the cars Lighting.

(Fred/K.S) #16

This test is being Conducted to see whether SpeedRacer a whole new world 2 is able to render an open world.

By the way im currently working alone on this project. This project is aimed at delivering the best possible Gameplay , and peformance made on blender , this project is advancing slowly.

2-player split-screen is already running perfectly No Lag !!!
However i remain short of open world assets and a few codes for sequencing.

(adriansnetlis) #17

Looking good so far! I wish you luck with the project!:wink:

(Fred/K.S) #18

Thank you so much man iam really tryin to find some time in to finnishing this project keep supporting my thread man. !!! Thank you very much !!!

(MarvinCJames) #19

Looking good so far, keep it up. :slight_smile:

(Fred/K.S) #20

Thanks -MarvinCJames