Speed up my game

I’m working on a RPG/FPS style game but my fps is already very low. All I have is one character, low-poly with simple UV textures. With only this one character, the fps has already dropped to 5 fps. I have armatures, an empty to serve as the physics, and a cube to serve as a collision sensor. The actual body is no collision. When I move only the body to another layer, the fps goes up to 60 fps. When I check the framerate and profile, the only thing slowing it down is the rasterizer, at 180ms and 94% of the total. I need suggestions for speeding up the rasterizer. Thanks in advance.

Why not post a .blender and I’ll what I can do.

It sounds reasonable that it is the mesh.
To investigate further, you could rig a cube to the armature (still hiding the original mesh).
Try with different vertex group settings.
If it still drops the frame rate it might be the armature.

If his does not makes any different, try to splitt up you original mesh into separate parts and try to identify the parts that produce the low down. (Don’t forget to keep back files :))

I hope it helps

Oh: How many faces do es your mesh have?

Ok here’s the .blend file.


Jaffa for Sharing.blend (754 KB)

Oh wow, I seperated and hid the eyes and it increased it to 20 fps. Improvement. Thanks monster.

I did the same. Maybe get a better computer. Good luck!

You have sub-surf modifier turned on, this makes it not lowpoly no more.