(rossowen_uk) #1

anyone know any tweaks to increase the framerate of runtime .exe made with publisher?

i get crappy framerate on my 500mhz celeron with a basic ‘walkaround’ game with a textured box! have to drop the res to really small. Anyone know any tricks?

(OTO) #2


euh…get a AMD xp and GeForce 4200 :slight_smile:

No, i’m joking
But , you have a problem with your graphics card, maybe
Or…what it’s a “crappy FPS” to you??
Quake3 addicts will say 100 FPS???
Be zen!! Blender is a “cool” engine :slight_smile:

(rossowen_uk) #3

heh crappy = sub 12fps (its a first person view, so Im goin for smoothness!)

(OTO) #4

Yes, that’s crappy, really crappy
Well get a Geforce 4600 instead :slight_smile:

What’s your graphics card???

I never get those FPS with my Celeron 400 and a Geforce 2 Mx
At leat with a character and a cube??!!