Sphere animation - Question about background management.


I would like to have your opinion on a question I ask myself sometimes during the staging of my projects.
How do you manage the transition between the main scene and the sky ?

I have a scene which represents two spheres in rotation with some particles which turn them all around, and two monoliths in second plan.

I wonder how closing the background. I tried with this wall and its columns, but I would like to have your opinion on this matter.

All other feedback on the general atmosphere, the light or others are welcome.

HDRIs are probably the best bet here as they give a whole environment which, by it’s nature, feels more realistic than a sharp delineator like the sky/ground.

Yes the HDRIs are user-frendly. I used one for this project moreover.
I like the light, but it needs there to cheat a little so that the background corresponds with the scene.

And to avoid this kind of render :

You could always map something to a plane and put it behind the camera to be reflected in the geometry.

Here is the finished project.