Sphere grill for speaker

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Here I’m trying to make a sphere grill for a round speaker model (Amazon Echo) in Blender.
However, always stuck with a problem that top-bottom joint places of grill wires look weird, I can not make braid whole surface smooth as a speaker. Here a photo link below Appreciate for your help.

I would use the add extra objects add-on ( included in Blender).
In there is an add XYZ function, Select, Shift + A > Mesh > XYZ Function and select the stereosphere ( set the U and V values for subdivision).
Rotate it 90 so the points are facing down…us the Knife function to cut off the bottom section of points.
Then you can do what you did on your grill with the resulting mesh.
Or Poke Faces…then Tri to Quads and then Inset Faces and then Delete Faces and you get something like this…

thanks a lot.
additional question, how can I make hexagonal grills over this surface?

Ahh…Took me a few to figure…
Instead of the XYZ function…Add the Geodesic Dome add-on ( included)
Set the panel to the following…

Then subdivide by using the Frequency ( too many and your UI might start to lag ! )
Then continue as you did in your original or as I did…


great that! Big thanksssss