Spheres don't roll properly

So I’ve got problem on this table I’m working on. It has two spheres, the table is rotated at 6.5 degrees on it’s x-axis, but the balls don’t roll very differently. In fact I think the big ball is slower the entire time. I thought that if the ball was bigger, it’d take more to start, but less to keep it going.

This seems bizarre to me, as the balls should be rolling like they do in the real world.

edit: Here’s my file ball.blend (575 KB)

If you are specifically going for the ball to move faster, in the physics tab you can change the bigger balls minimum velocity to something else (but this means that the big ball will always move at that speed)

Check their masses, too. I haven’t done much work with animations outside of setting up individual shots, but I do think from what experience I have had that the mass can have an affect.