Spherical deformer

I have a letter that needs to be curved to match the top of a sphere. Any way to do this? Somebody mentioned a “spherical deformer” but not sure what this is.

They may have been talking about the Cast modifier. You can learn about it in the wiki here: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/Cast_Modifier

Just make sure your Letter object has the same center as the Sphere you want to match it to.

Is there a way to use a custom cast? I actually sawed off the top of the sphere and used it as a curve, and now I need a mesh to match that curve. See the curved blue of the render i attatched? I need the W to match that curve. Is there a way to convert a mesh to a lattice, because that would work.


Ctrl + Shift + S --> To Sphere

Simply highlight all the vertices of the letter, ‘W’. Then, transform --> to sphere and match the curve of the blue. Make sure your 3D cursor is centered on the blue semi-sphere.

If it doesn’t work, try creating a sphere to match the same curve of the blue semi-sphere, and then use “To Sphere” to match the new sphere.

Hope I helped!