Spherical projection in the uv editor.

My first question !

This image shows how Blender manages a spherical projection in the uv editor. For a simple sphere (UV sphere, 12 segments, 12 rings) there’s so many faces and vertices which are out of range and such a large part of the image that is not mapped ! Is there no way to get out of that mess or avoid it ? BTW, the cylindrical mapping isn’t any better…

Moving the vertices is obviously not an option, especially when the sphere has even more faces.


I also know about the spherical image mapping in the F5 buttons. But I need uv mapping here.

The parts that seem to fall out of range wrap around. If you use a spherical map, like those used in panorama viewers, you’ll see that the image gets mapped perfectly to the sphere, with a slight distortion around the poles. Obviously the more faces you have, the less distortion. With the camera in the center of the sphere and in fly mode, you can actually use this as a simple panorama viewer.

OK, this much is good news. :slight_smile:

I’m trying to import that grid so I can paint an image in a 2D soft.
UV mapper had that puzzling message : “out of range vertices”. I think that I’ll rather use a screen capture of the same kind I showed here as a template to guide me.

I guess I’ll manage from here on.

Thanks a lot for the fast answer

If you create a UV sphere top view and du UV texturing (sphere type)
the faces gets projected cylindrically, which is far better for texturing!

Should look like


not like the one you posted :slight_smile:


Oh yes ! This is definitely much easier to predict.

Why suffer ? :wink:

I may forgive you for living in the most beautiful city of the Universe (possibly) now. :slight_smile: