Spider-Man WIP Seams Issue Advice Required !

Hi guys ! So I have been using Blender for nearly a year and I have decided to do my first full body character. So far I am happy with how it is turning out but I am having issues with the seams. They show when I put on the bump map. Is there a way of solving this problem ? Any advice given would be greatly appreciated !
Latest Update :

Here is my latest update. It is an animation test of Spidey !

Looks great!

Did you tried to increase texture margins?

I am just guessing right now, maybe others will have a better idea.
Could you share your texture?

I can share the texture and thank you for the advice ! Could I ask how I can edit the margins in Blender 2.73 Cycles ?

The reply that was given was if you were to bake a high res model out to a texture…

I would probably look into either having a separate uv map for the bump… or look into a procedural way of doing the bump.

Thanks for the advice ! I looked into creating a separate UV Map and this is what I have come up with !

Nice, cant see any seams now!

Here is my latest update !

Here is my latest update :

nice model, man. hard to say for sure from the angle, but I think you might check the proportions of his hands, which seem to short to me.

Hi Modron ! Yeah I agree the hands are not long enough. I still have a great deal of work to do with them ! Here is my latest render with studio lighting !

Here is a new shot. I still have a great deal of work to do but I am going to take a break for a couple of days. A question I would like to ask to the more experienced Blender user is, how do I deal with problems regarding odd deformations. When I have applied a rig to the character and move his arms I am getting some very strange deformations. Is there a way around this ?

Really nice job on the texture.

Thanks mate !

I believe for the rig you should use vertex groups

Hi Buddy thanks for the comment ! Is it possible you could elaborate ? :slight_smile:

I have taken a break from Spider-Man at the moment and have been working on a villain for him. Here is my sculpt of the Lizard !

It could use some more color variation but damn man thats awesome! Did you sculpt it in zbrush?

Thanks Star Wars ! I sculpted it entirely in Blender ! Unfortunately ZBrush is out of my price range at the moment. I am definitely considering getting it though, it seems worth the money :slight_smile: I also agree about the colour variation :wink:

Here is my latest update for The Lizard :

Hi guys it has been a little while since I have updated ! I am having issues with weight painting my character. I am getting tears in the mesh that do look natural at all. Can anyone help me to solve the problem or point me in the direction of someone who can ? Any advice on the matter would be greatly appreciated !