My first proper attempt at character modelling in Blender, constructive feedback greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I have a much higher-quality render in progress at the moment, I’m aware there’s a fair amount of noise in this render…

The profile looks good. I would suggest keeping the hips as they are width wise but make the waist and the shoulders a bit wider. you have a nice start though.

Not bad, but some proportions are weird, for example : I think the feet are too small. The abdomen is too thin and long? No?
Otherwise it’s pretty good :smiley:

Noted guys, thanks for your input :smiley:

I was going for a slightly exaggerated cartoon look, emphasising the ‘spindly spider’ element, but I’ll do a version applying the suggested changes and aim for a realistic result…

Working on putting the character into a scene… :slight_smile: