Spill the Beans

Hello All,
Here is my project for the week. It was reneded in cycles with 1000 samples. After several faild starts and stops at other ideas I had. I got frusterated and decided randomly to try and texture a photo realistic Jelly Bean. For some reason it seemed interesting to me. I have never studied a jelly bean for such a long period of time. i even used a flash light to see how direct light interacted with the material. I am still not completely satisfied with the material but it works I think.

I tried a few times to distribute the beans with a particle system, but I wasnt happy with any of the results so each bean is place manually. Mostly groups of five to six. I struggled for a while trying to get the lighting right inside the jar. At the moment there are two spot lights that are large in size but low energy. Any suggestions on how to light that part better. I tried using a light path node on the glass itself, to no avail. Or I set it up wrong.

I have been using Blender addictivly for about a year now. I am trying to make each project a little better than the last. So please critique this latest project. Good or bad I want to hear it. Any suggestions on how to improve the overall scene would be much appreciated.

Oh for Post I just added a little softening in the compositor. In Gimp I overlayed with about an 85% opacity to get a smoother overall look.

Thanks in advance.

I love the colors in this… I’ll take all the black jellybeans…their my favorite :slight_smile:

Did you try rigid body simulation? You actually did a damn good job for placing them all by hand.

I think the biggest problem is the material for the beans, it looks more like a colored metal. I’m not good with materials but maybe some translucency or SSS would help. Also they should be fatter at the ends and less pointed.

Your background isn’t really working but that’s an easy fix. Currently it is obviously an image that is not aligned with the rest of the scene. I would recommend quickly modeling some shelves and adding a few jars of colored beans, They’re going to be out of focus anyways so it doesn’t have to look too good. It wouldn’t be hard to do and the perspective would match up.

Depending on the mood your going for you could add a window behind the shelf with a blurry ground level shot of a sidewalk.

Nice color and blurry feeling!

There don’t seem to be any purple jellybeans in the foreground, is that on purpose? Are they already eaten?

Thank you for the input. Funny thing happened with regards to the purple jelly beans. I tried for a long time to get the jelly bean material just right. I did have a translucent node in the tree and it came out pretty alright, but it seemed to effect the glossy aspect and it just didn’t feel right to me. I am still trying to work through node set ups.

As far as the backround image. I see what you mean, but tend to disagree somewhat. I do agree that a better image and set up in the backround could be used. I think the one that I used works though, I think that I needed to scale it down a bit and maybe move it further into the back round. I may model the shelves as suggest them, render it seperatly and mix the two results.

Thanks again for th input. I like to think I am getting better