Spin tool as modifier?


Is it possible to use one of the modifiers to do what the spin tool does? I like the spin tool for creating wine glasses and such, but I would like the real time adjustment possibilities of the vertices that for example the screw modifier provides.

The problem with the screw modifier is that is makes a screwing pattern in the mesh. Is there a way to avoid this and get a clean mesh?


create a circle curve and add your profile in the bevel object slot to do a lathe

or you can use the lathe modifier of sverchok addon

I don’t know what you mean by screwing pattern, it’ll simply repeat the shape around the origin in a circle if you leave the screw value at 0. Just be sure to only make the outside edge and don’t have any edges or faces inside the outline.

I think you are saying that you want a vertex-group filter, to limit which verticies the modifier uses?
A stopgap solution would be to separate the vertices into another object, use the screw modifier on the separate objects. Maybe that is not what you have in mind.

I don’t understand what the problem is with the screw modifier. It produces clean meshes for me. Maybe a picture of the behavior that you don’t like?

Thanks for the explanations and a lot of good tips. I feel like I got some new tools in my toolbox out of this thread.

Truth be told, I just misinterpreted the results from the screw tool. The smooth shading of the screw tool combined with the relatively low poly count made it seem like I got mesh artifacts. The fact is that adding a subsurf under the screw makes them go completely away. Therefore I can use the screw tool after all!