Spine-foot and Slith

A spine footed denizen of the underworlds.

Just basic modelling done so far. C&C welcome.

A couple of questions too, if any can answer them:

  1. Does it look good with the vestigal eye sockets, or should I remove all trace of eyes?

  2. How do pointed talons work? Birds of prey have talons that start out thick at the base then narrow to a sharp point. I want that kind of thing for this, but I am unsure how the talons come to be pointed like that, are they worn to a point, or is there another mechanism behind it?

Some detailing and preliminary texturing.

Perspective top view.
I found it amusing.

The feet remind me of the skulk creature of NS the HL modification.
Like this: http://joy.poosan.net/lycos/pcgame/screen/ns/kharaas/skulk.jpg

Talons are also thin, and are designed to grip on to meat.

Many birds of prey use there talons, for grabbing there prey and holding it while they rip pieces of flesh of the little animal.

The “talon” can be seen on dinasaurs like the Raptor, it used its large claw for gripping on to animals and pierceing nerves.

Perspective top view.

Tyson’s family pack. Good skintone. Do they come roasted?


I don’t know what kind of creature it is, but the modeling looks very very good.
The teeth look too regular and thin perharps. IMHO they would look better if some of them where thicker or bent inward.
Also, is he really supposed to walk on his talons or did I miss something? (it looks like he would fall easily)

Pretty much just a bit of tweaking. Got the bump mapping to render properish.

Somewhat. Though the resemblence is not intentional.

I was meaning the pointiness of the talons.

Fligh %:
Sorry, they are only available frozen, but they are ready to cook.

I curved the teeth some and they vary very slightly in size, but will probably still need more work.
While it may at first seem ungainly to walk on two tiny points, it serves its purpose. The ground of the underworlds is often a touch on the warm side (due to the close proximity of magma pockets and flows), so the less contact area the better. Also, because of frequent seismic activity, falling on ones face is merely a fact of life for residents of the underworlds, so being a little more unsteady than some, doesn’t make that great a difference in the end (However I did scale up the tail a little and lengthen the shanks, to provide a little better a sense of balance). Or it could just be artistic license coupled with that fact that I have been scribbling hordes of pointy footed critters of late.

Bit more tweaking:
The blend.

I want to finish the modelling before I rig it, but I feel this is lacking something and I can’t figure out what. Any ideas?

The beginings of a companion for the spine-foot’s scene:
The blend.

The second character reminds me of Giacometti’s sculptures.

very good work.
only crits are about the tongure and the teeth.
tongue should be thiner and there should be different types of teeth.
i mean front teeth are different from others etc

Wow, those look really nice. Or rather, they look terrible and disturbing, but that’s the goal, I assume. :wink:

I must say agree on the tongue and teeth, though. A thinner (and perhaps less textured) tongue, and some irregularity to the teeth would be better, IMHO.

But overall very good.

Ok, on the newer model, I know it’s pure fantasy here but, if it’s quadrapedal, then you should switch the direction of the elbo/knee join on the front legs, I just don’t see how it can walk otherwise, would be bumping self all the time. Additionally, if it’s head always hangs that low, I would imagine that there would be more muscles attacked to the top of the skull rather them from the bottom/back like it is now. The front paw-hands could use some sort of a heal since it doesn’t look like a working “hand”. Again, since it’s fantasy it can be however you want it, just thought I’d point that out.

Very nice concept, muscles on the back are good too. Perhaps a long prehensile tail would be good for its balance?