Spine2D with Blender

I would like to animate the character I created in Blender in a program called Spine2D - http://esotericsoftware.com

Has anyone used Spine in conjunction with Blender before? The format required in Spine2D is super weird (.spine file), which Blender obviously does not do.
If no one has used Blender in conjunction with Spine2D - has anyone animated a 3D image in a 2D space with third party software for a Unity 2D game?


so as i was reading this, it went from “not related”, to “ask on other software forums”, to “ok, why the heck is this even here…”

the better question it seems, how to bridge unity and spine, why not just skip blender.

I use spine 2d for unity or web gl … what Spine does is export as json… There is no link between Blender and spine directly … what you can do is render your character in blender and take it to photoshop then separate all its body parts and take it Spine for animation …

Check out CoA tools