Spiral staircase and hand rail

bit of a noob here! just wondering the easiest way to create a spiral staircase with an attached handrail? any help would be great:RocknRoll:

There is a spiral staircase in python forum or wiki script list

but it may not fit the model that you need

in any case it gives you a shape to follow

so check out the wiki script list

hope it helps

sorry man but would you be able to link me to them? :smiley:


Blender script repository is here:

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Also found another set of scripts. The author has a demonstration of using
the scripts to produce spiral staicase:

I could not download. It bombed so I will try again later.

Hope this helps?

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hey pixeltwist just to say that the second link you posted is not for blender its for “lightwave”:confused: but thanks anyway

did you test some of the script for spiral stairway

is it what you where looking for ?

happy blendering


Hurley_aiden. Do not know what I was thinking. Apologies for any wasted time.



there it is. :slight_smile:

While the scripts are for Lightwave, the technique shown can still be used in Blender. The handrail takes an extra step or two but the idea is the same. In fact the stairs themselves work better because you can edit the main one and the change automatically gets propagated to the others.

As the video shows, first you’d build just the lowest step and I usually build a segment of the center shaft to go with the step so that when the other steps are cloned (or arrayed in Blender) the shaft segments can telescope inside each other as the steps go up.

Next, on one of the outer corners put the baluster (the handrail support).

Now in Object mode apply the Array modifier, set the number of steps you want and turn off Relative Offset. Now add an Empty and then go back to the stair object and in the modifier turn on Object Offset and set it to use the new Empty.

Finally, select the Empty and move it up on the Z to space out the stairs, then rotate it around the Z to fan out the stairs. And so the stairs don’t seem to be floating in air I usually fan out the stairs so the the baluster from the lower step goes through the front of the step above it.

And the awesomeness of using the Array modifier means you can go back and edit your main stair to fine tune and tweak the stairs however you want.

But what about the handrail? It may be easier to just record a video of the process instead of trying to explain it. So that’s what I’m off to go do.

Update: Here’s the video. At about the 5 minute mark it starts showing the handrail process.