Spitfire Mk.XIV

for some reason I have problems with airplanes. not that I couldn’t make one. it’s just, whenever I started to model it, it never came out accurate. especially the hull, with its curves and bulges and whatnot… finally I made one with which I’m satisfied. :wink:

textured in Substance Painter, post in Photoshop. stuka model is free from tf3dm.com… cheers!!

some more…

…and the last set…

Sketchfab link:

The ones with the Spit sitting on the field are excellent.

I’m not sure why you put zeppelins in the dogfight. I don’t think Germany used them as bombers after the 1st World War.

you’re right. it was just something to fill the scene. like jerry bruckheimer’s movies: style over substance…HAHA!!

Very nice one!

So you also modelled the Messerschmitt?

nope. only spitfire. stuka is free model I found, zeppelins and that yellow one are photo cutouts… :slight_smile: yeah, I cheated a lot. smoke, flame, bullet trails and wing tip swirls are all painted in PS…