Spitfire Mk9

I set out with this project exactly a year ago to see if I could complete a cutaway image of a Spitfire Mk9. The idea was to try and recreate the styles used in the vector line drawings, but with the benefit of colour and global illumination. After a couple of false starts I finally found some accurate plans and reference images that helped me create the images below.


The project has helped me learn a few more modelling techniques and I have finally become comfortable using cycles.

Work in progress thread


Very nice model, it deserves better renders :wink:
Where did you get references? Really digging the detailed inside - always wanted do create something like this.

Great project. I always loved these models when I was a kid! Brings back memories.

The cut away view is killer. Lovely work.

WOW, that first render is awesome! I saw your original thread a few months back. It looks amazing finished!

Thanks for the comments, I am glad you like it.

@ kilbee: The main goal of the project was the coloured cutaway image, the other two were just experiments along the way and would certanly benefit from more time spent on them. I found it difficult with the coloured cutaway to balance enough light on the internal components without burning out the external skin. Any pointers for how the render could be improved would be helpful.

The references were picked up from lots of different photos, and plan images found from google searches and “The Supermarine Spitfire: Pt. 1: Merlin Powered A Comprehensive Guide For The Modeller”. There is quite a long work in progress post on the build.

You succeeded magnificently.

Sweet modeling!

PS you linked to the main WIP thread, this should be the link :wink:

Thanks for the comments, I am really pleased it’s my first model in the gallery in over 12 years of using Blender :slight_smile:

@ rombot, thanks for pointing out the bad link, I have corrected it in both posts.

Very good work! I made a cutaway Concorde many, many years ago so I know what you went through! The cutaway renders look great.

I do concur that the render with the complete plane against the sky could be pushed more. Check out some YouTube tuts and it should be pretty easy to get that render to look a lot better.

Woah! That’s beautiful! : D I’ve always wanted to do the same, except with the German Me262, but I could never find decent blueprints.

Great work! Being a Spitfire fan this is a dream model for me although I love WW2 aircraft in general.
The IX is probably my favourite variant too.

Lovely clean details for the interior. Very visually descriptive as it should be.


Very nice model … Makes me think of my childhood years where we built model flyers … In the style of this … Damn It’s Cool … :slight_smile:

I really like Your Tutorial’s…I’m a newbie , saw them for around 3 Year’s ago first time…So much usefull info there…Thank You…Pufff Puff




good job on the cutaway ! You could always put on details and details but it is quite a never ending job. Looks good !

Very cool plane you made there, reminds me of what i did a while ago https://www.artstation.com/artwork/NP89J though its by far not as detailled as yours

Very, very nice job :slight_smile: Congrat!!!

I once tried and failed miserably to make a spitfire. A really well done job!

Its a few years since working on this but I thought I would mention the model will be shown on UK television next Monday (28th September). I was approached by Holey and Moly who wanted to use the model for explainer videos used within the documentary series Inside the Spitfire Factory. The program goes live Monday 28th September at 9:00pm (GMT) on More4

Modelled by me, Styled and Animated by Holey and Moly. The model is at 1:20 towards the end of the intro video.