Spitfire with focus on polyflow

Well, this is just one for fun, since I haven’t done a plane model in 3 years, and I had fun with the last one. I chose what I thought would be a simple one, the Spitfire. I was mistaken. As always, I try to avoid tris as much as possible. However, sometimes I just can’t get around them. If anyone has any ideas on what I can do for topology, or if I should actually use more tris, please let me know. Also, I’m trying to keep this pretty low poly, and will probably be texturing it for the game engine.

This bloody air intake. It messes up everything.

For this one, it’s important to look at how it flows into the rudder near the top.

Wing profile looks very wrong to me sir!

Just my first impression. I shall watch with interest.

Cheers, Clock.

Hmm. It didn’t seem that off. I was following a pretty basic aerofoil profile. I did see that the tailing edge was a bit thick, so I thinned that down some. Also, just decided to do those air intake things as separate meshes. It’s a lot easier topology wise, and saves me a few polys. Anyway, I also started the window frames. I’m not quite sure how to handle those. As always, if you have any suggestions, I’m all ears.

BTW, Clock, I’ve highlighted the profile here. Is there something particular wrong with it?

Just a “beauty” render in the game engine.

Well, long time no see! I made a fair bit of progress. I still am not sure how to do all of the scratches and some better weathering. You can take a look at it and download. Any comments/critique welcome.

Buy Witold Jaworski’s book “Virtual Airplane”, just do an internet search, it’s well worth the pricing, EVERYTHING is explained in it.

I am not sure about the green lines along the panel edges, what are these all about?

As regards your wing profile - take a look at this:


or this:


Yours is way too thick at the front and the back for a Spitfire.

Cheers, Clock.