Spitting Image will use CG puppets !

:smiley: I think it is funny because yesterday on Blendernation…

:slight_smile: and I was thinking CG would be just great to replace the latex puppets.

And now… :eyebrowlift: it’s true :slight_smile:

I thought there was something familiar lookin’ about that Rocky character.

I loved Spitting Image. I’m surprised they went CG with this. The puppets were part of the magic, imo. Mocap CG + last minute scripts…hmmm. I’d like to see how they do that.

I hope I find a way to see this show (I doubt it will be broadcast here… it wasn’t last time if I remember correctly). I’ll have to brush up on UK politics / current events so none of it goes over my head. Anxious to see what they do to Bush and Putin too. It’s gonna be brutal (hilarious) for sure.

Thanks for the link. :slight_smile: