Splash reimagined

To get back into using Blender, I’ve reimagined an old project of mine, including remodelling most parts, particularly the soda siphon, and fixing the things I didn’t like with the original.

Modelled in Blender
Rendered in Yafaray

Cant see anything :frowning:

me too :no:

Me neither :mad: but I can now. Odd, maybe the internets got blocked :eek:.

i couldn’t see it either, so i picked it out of the html source:


loading this URL directly worked.

wow. dynamic scene!
are those dots on the floor supposed to be caustics? looks strange to me. il’d be interested in your yafaray settings (since i struggle with yafaray on my own a lot).

great stuff!

Thank you, I have now added the URL as well to the top post. I blame alltaken since it’s his server that I’m leaching off :wink:

The dots on the floor are caustics from the water droplets, probably from using a wide angle value for the sun lamp. If this hosting problem gets sorted I’ll post some yafaray settings.

Recently upgraded my pc so that these render are now reasonably quickly, fixed some normal problems with the soda siphon and some problems with improper photon settings, which caused the spots to appear in the original image, the caustic radius was too small for the scale that I was using.
Below are the yafaray settings I used.