Splash screen contest for 2.44

— update –

Thanks to everyone that joined in, especially on such short notice: The judges have lots to choose from.

Leave the images on your servers still, judges will be using this thread to view them!

The schedule for 2.44 at the moment is for the splash and release goodies to be committed Thursday morning (European time), and for official release sometime hopefully a release over the weekend (assuming there are no show-stoppers). So this is a really good excuse for everyone to help test out those release candidates!

— update –

Basse would normally post this call, but since he’s busy Ton asked me to do it. So…

It’s that time again, yes, yes… you guessed it… (or maybe the thread title gave it away) splash screen contest!

Here’s the catch though; the deadline is this Wednesday, May 9th, 1200 GMT. :eek:

You have again a chance of becoming part of blender history. imagine, every time people open blender, they would see your picture and think: “one day, i hope i can make such wonderful art too, as this splash screen here”…

Rules for the splash screen contest are simple:

  • don’t talk about the splash screen contest
  • use template (download here)
  • don’t overlap splash screen area. make your picture fit in the given space.
  • don’t use blender logo
  • don’t use suzanne.
  • don’t other logos either, like foundation, or orange…
  • you can use old works, or make completely new.
  • you can participate with more than one image, but,
  • do not make millions of variations of the same idea,
  • just make a good one
  • it has to look awesome.
  • post your works on this thread.
  • keep thread clean, entries and questions about competition only.To repeat: the deadline is this Wednesday, May 9th, 1200 GMT.




Weee! My usual placeholder - whether I enter or not…

Edit: Wait - What the heck? only 3 days? No way! I know - ask RobertT to use his ‘Fish out of Water out of a Fish’

Here’s a placeholder for me too. I’ve always wanted to give this contest a shot.

I don’t think I will have time… but just incase I do… Place Holder.

[edit] Is it possible to extend the deadline to say Thursday Morning? :smiley:


Here are my enteries:




Ok guys here is my entry, this is the very first entry I have entered.


I almost willing to bet it is going to be an SSS image!


Cool, I gotta give this contest a go!

Alltaken, I think using logo’s like the Linux fella is forbiddon. I’d say remove the logo and edit your reply with a logo-less version.

my 5 cents

Ah yes you are right Roger.




Best i could come up with.

Great render, as always.
@fog22 Cool:yes:


Thanks for looking.

I think something like this is in order.:yes: Maybe someone could adapt it a little with a better background and less empty space; If you want, you could use a less cliche object.:wink: I just think that the splash should have a nicely textured and shaded object with SSS.:eyebrowlift2:




ok yes I know that it won’t work… but I really wanted to do it
blender is also an animation software - so why not make an animation? Especially if you can see the new features better than in an image :wink:

Someone mentioned they thought this might make a nice splash, and so I thought I’d give it a try. (sorry don’t remember your name but thanks for the idea :slight_smile: )

This is an old attempt that I put a lot of work into and I really just like the image. Since we’re on such a short deadline here it is again.

Hi everybody! Here are my entries…
edit: I uploaded the first splash again (sent on 07 may) because it wasn’t visible today…


and a new version of a splash I made for 2.43


no offense Alltaken, but for your entry, you might want to re-render instead of blur out the text that was on there…