Splash screen contest for 2.45

It’s that jolly time of celebration again, no, not Christmas, the Splash contest!

2.45 (stable release) is lurking around the corner. While it’s not a featureful release, we still need a new splash, so here we are again!

Deadline is Sunday July 15th, so you have a full week to flex your artistic muscles!

Editorial note: the following is ripped off older splash contest thread, all credits to original authors basse and khughes.

You have again a chance of becoming part of blender history. imagine, every time people open blender, they would see your picture and think: “one day, i hope i can make such wonderful art too, as this splash screen here”…

Rules for the splash screen contest are simple:

* don't talk about the splash screen contest
* don't talk about rule #1
* use template ([download here](http://blenderartists.org/~theeth/splash_template_245.png))

* don't overlap splash screen area. make your picture fit in the given space.
* don't use blender logo
* don't use suzanne.
* don't other logos either, like foundation, or orange..
* you can use old works, or make completely new.
* you can participate with more than one image, but,
* do not make millions of variations of the same idea,
* just make a good one
* it has to look awesome.
* post your works on this thread.
* keep thread clean, entries and questions about competition only.

To repeat: the deadline is this Sunday, July 15th, 1200 GMT.


Yeah, FIRST POST!!! !!! :smiley:

To repeat: the deadline is this Wednesday, July 15th, 1200 GMT.

Shouldn’t it be Saturday? :slight_smile:

Should Be Sunday!

Bah, my copy/paste skills aren’t what they used to be. :stuck_out_tongue:


So whats new in 2.45? I don’t see any release notes anywhere.

Ok here is my entries for this splash contest:
First Entry:
Second Entry:
Third Entry:
Forth Entry:

Place Holder :smiley:

Here’s one attempt. A little rushed but I’ll fix it up and add more as I go

![http://uploader.polorix.net//files/392/Splash 245/splash_template_245%5B1%5D.png](http://uploader.polorix.net//files/392/Splash 245/splash_template_245%5B1%5D.png)

Another quickie


A scene from the MGP


( http://www4.webng.com/monkeygame )

I love indigo (will get updated as renders more)


Another overnight indigo render


Bug fixes only, no new “features”.


So I was right!!! My prophecy has come to past!!! 2.45!!!

Did somebody say “splash”?




nice splashes, you don’t waste any time do you?

hey is it just me or are other people not able to view the images in this thread?
edit: nvm they appear now
edit2: i like teh shrooms

yay splash time!!! :slight_smile:

updated my splash to be 2.45


Yep, I’m in too :slight_smile:
It’s been very hot lately… so I guess this image kinda makes me happy


place holder

1: (one of my favorites!)

2: (my robot! woot)

3: (a test render which looks interesting)

4: (robot on a bike…)

5: (stone henge out of ice, sss rendering!)

6: (bit of an abstract. sculpted, sss render, hint of vertex normal tangent, as well as a nice shiny sphere)

Here is my entry for the 2.45 splash screen :
It is made from parts modelled for the Blenderart Mag #11 theme about mechanical.
It is a Wright Cyclone 9 - (R-1820) Airplane motor.
More than 12 versions of this motor have been built, from 575hp up to 1425hp, between years 1931 and 1950.
As the template was in PNG format, I made a PNG image, but it was displayed here as a black image,
so the image shown is JPG. A PNG version is available here :


Here are my entries. I hope you like them.

A Chlorine atom with vector blur applied to show the movement of the electrons:

And, my updated entry from last time:

Lots of good splashes out there. Good luck to everyone.
Who judges these things anyway? Is it Ton himself or is someone appointed or is there like a committee that’s selected?

In the buttons field above the reply text box there’s a post image button that looks like so: http://blenderartists.org/forum/images/editor/insertimage.gif
If you click that you need to enter the URL of the image. So it needs to be hosted somewhere on the intarnuts