splash screen?

i remember in the previous version the splash screen was a water splash on a orange background, and that it was created by someone in this forum.

is the new splash screen the same?

The new splash screen is a purple like phienox. Made from some sort of metal.

i know that :stuck_out_tongue: i use 2.4

misunderstanding. real question was: was it made by someone that we know of?

of course.
There even was a contest.

some of the screen shots are awesome.

i love the bonus one on page 1.


There is a splash screen contest held here for just about every official Blender release. So, yes, the splash screens are usually made by “someone we know.” :wink:

i think he is asking who made it,
i would like to say by me,
but it was the big man Robertt!
glad to see it too, because that image rocked!!!