Couple days ago I watch

In this video guy use C4D and with volume mesher make splash. So, I decide to try to recreate this in Blender. I model - sculpt base mesh and then use volume modifier to get … distorted geometry. Unfortunately I get couple crashes, so in the end stop with experiments… bah some versions are much better… c’est la vie :laughing:
I’m not big fan of fancy Instagram renders, mean I love to see nice stuff, but this is not my cup of tea, like people say. Not to mention that this kind of sport demand much more powerful PC. Anyway, I get acceptable result, maybe. Don’t play too much with light and materials. Also this is firs time that I use particle with weight painting. So, if you need to make fast rocks… or base for further sculpt this is great way to achieve fast result. I render this in Octane for Blender.

clay in Cycles