Splat map / blend map shader with nodes

Hey guys,

I made this simple shader with the help of the node editor in Blender which can be utilized for making splat maps (blend maps) for environment texturing. I thought someone might be interested in this. It’s quite rough around the edges but I think this could have some potential.


Had to replace the textures since I can’t redistribute them. If this is the wrong section to post this I apologize.



@Ben_Lind Hey buddy, coming across your thesis work for bugbear entertainment and taking in all the information that you have provided regarding how to properly blend textures in blender for NCG (aka Wreckfest now). We have a large community that is dedicated to making custom tracks and cars for the game and I was wondering if you still had this shader available. I noticed that it is no longer on dropbox or if it is the name has changed and it’s not readily findable. I highly doubt you’ll get back to me on this because it is going to be such a necropost, but I’d love to touch base regarding this and many others may love to see you stop by. Thanks in advance!