Splatoon Inkling

This is an inkling from the new Nintendo game Splatoon.

I really liked the design of the girl character. So i thought that it would be fun to try and model it.
Here is the finished result.
Tell me what you think.

The eyes are a bit small and you can reduce the eyebrows by making them flatter. The stripes on the shorts are too wide. Also, you can put in more detail on the ink gun.

I have done some of the things you recommended XeroShadows.

I made her eyes bigger (I don’t know if it is noticeable)
I made the stripes on her shorts thinner.
Her water gun now looks more like it was made with cheap plastic. (the down scaled image below doesn’t make it as noticeable as the full sized image)
I also fixed a deformation that was happening with her right hand.

Its a bit too bright. Maybe reduce the lighting. Also the shoes tongue needs help. It looks a tad lazy. :eyebrowlift2:

You got me MasterMike.
Here are some refined shoes.
I also set the brightness down a bit.

It looks more like one of the characters now.

Nice work!:yes: Impressive character.

Now you will have to create a few more bangs on her head and you’re one step closer.

Nice work!:yes: Impressive character.


I made some smaller changes to her hair.

Hmm you know what I see. on the side of her head there is a huge white glossy spot. You should try to ajust your lighting to fix it.

Boom fixed!