Splatter Map ( freebie )

I just made this, and thought some one else might also have a use for it.

cool, thanks

what is a splatter map ?
is it like a mask ?


personally I would probably use it with nodes to define material boundaries, as in the tutorial in my signature. but it could also be used in a texture channel of type stencil, or as a selection ( alpha ) map in photoshop, etc.

ok i never saw the word splatter in wiki!
and i got a list of around 30 different type of mapping in blender


‘map’ is any grayscale image texture that defines an area of influence. whether you call it a spec map or a grime map depends on what you wish to convey. i call it a splatter map because it is useful for making splatters, and so that can be understood by reading the title of the thread.