Splinter Cell: Double Agent. Anyone have it?

Splinter Cell: Double Agent for PC was one of the goodies I got for Christmas this year. I finally beat the game today. While I had a lot of fun, there were a few very annoying issues and bugs throughout the game that made it a little less fun. I love that the game is so non-linear that you can change the way the story ends every time you play; not to mention the graphics are great!

However, I had several issues with the game crashing for no reason while I was in the middle of a mission. In one level, I couldn’t use the quick load feature because the game would crash every time. According to the hardware detection monitor, I have all the hardware necessary to play without any problems.

So I was wondering if any Splinter Cell fans here have picked up the game yet and have had any of these problems. I’ve read in reviews that there were a lot of bugs in the game, but I was a little suprised at how bad they really were considering the high ratings it got. For all I know, it could just be my hardware setup, which is why I want to know if anyone else has had the same problems.

All in all, I’d still say it’s a pretty good buy if you have a powerful machine. I just hope they release a new patch soon!


I’m was a Splinter Cell fan. I played the first one over and over and got Pandora Tomorrow and a new graphic card when it came out. I both loved those games but I kinda grew skeptic at the 3rd one when it came out. I played the demo and it was too much the same thing so I didnt feel like buying it. Plus the Ubisoft online thing is kind of a joke, They were barely any people playing pandora tomorrow when it came out compared to other games.

But hearing your comments on Double Agent seems like they made some very nice and interesting changes. I’m sure they will fix the bugs…eventually. (I’m still angry at Ubi for Rainbow 6: Lockdown). How’s the multiplayer though?. I’ll give the demo a try though. thanks for the insight


I got it for the PS2, the graphics arent as good, and there is very few people online, but the game play is great, and i havent noticed any bugs on the PS2 version, well not yet anyway… its a great game never the less!