Split cable wire animation - advice

Hi Everyone,

To start not 100% sure if this is the correct section as this could be animation and rigging or modelling.

Anyways I am trying to recreate the following cable animation in Blender which is from a breakdown video from Paul Clements which he uses Cinema4D and obviously the techniques are different from this in Blender.

Anyways the part starts from 00:08 to 00:17 on the following video.

Headphones Breakdown from Paul Clements on Vimeo.

My version is not too far off I don’t think, But I wanted to see if anyone has any suggestions of a better way to achieve this?

The way I have created the above for the outer cable is using the following modifier stack, with just a small amount of base geometry which is a plane with a sort of V shape.

For the copper wires I have used the following modifier stack, with also some real simple geometry which is just a circle extruded.

And a couple of curves, one for the path for the wire to go along and the second one is for the curls at the end of the cable and copper wires.

If anyone has any better methods to create the original I would be interested in knowing thanks in advance.