split edge / add vertex?

Hi All,
very very basic question :spin: - how can I add vertex/split one edge? I have tryed the loop/cut menu but I want to add one specific vertex (just simply add one vertex between 2 other vertices).

How about selecting the edge and adding a vertex by W>Subdivide.

I was thinking somethink like this. Without splitting the face into triangles. Why it is not possible to make face (F button shortcut) for 5 vertices?


Blender only supports Tri’s and Quads, no support for N-Gons.


OK - many

blender supports fgones!

2 press F we have

3 select other 3 points

  1. press F again

5 select all our vert (or faces)

6 press F select fgon

7 fgon ready


How to make a N-Gon:

open blender & delete cube, then add plane, next press ctrl + r, then delete the newly created edge. there you have it a N-Gon ! so like the topic tittle says how does one actually split edge or add vertex ?

To be an N-Gon it has to be closed or faced. That cannot be done in Blender so it is said that Blender cannot handle N-Gons.
If you want to add a Vertex you can select on in Edit mode then press ‘E’ for extrude and there you have added a Vertex.
The developers are working on N-Gon support in Blender but are not finding that very easy.

If I remember well, the in-built Mesh>Extra Objects addon allows you to add a single vertex.