split screen, (apparently another), I think better

(z3r0 d) #1

Apparently I am not the only one with way to do a split screen thingy

the file is at http://mywebpage.netscape.com/YinYangEvilSane/bglSplitScreen1.blend

It has two individual scenes that are displayed on the scene, and are squished vertically to fit. I imagine that if there were two identical (linked object) scenes except for the camera that it would work. I only had 2 minutes this morning to play with it…

oh and it doesn’t work in the plugin. See the next thread.
And according to a thread at http://www.elysiun.com/viewtopic.php?t=3841 Pooba has a way of doing similar.

I hope he doesn’t mind if I complain about it…

rather than adjusting the near and far clip of the camera such that the ground is split at the precise middle, I use Blender.BGL.glViewport to make the area that is drawn in only the top, or bottom halfs. A Always actuator with no pulse buttons pushed adds the background scene, which is the other scene. (Please do that Pooba, I like my cosole window blank)

… with this method I believe it is possible to make a zoom thingy like in mechwarrior (at least 3, maybe 2, I’ve not played 1, or 4, or some of the others), where pressing a button opens a small screen of whatever is under the crosshairs…

… and (more for Pooba) you can add a ray sensor to the camera, and use the hitlocation to determine the distance required for the near, and farclip, and use an ipo actuator (property) (and an ipo on the camera) to adjust, and allow for ground that is less level… maybe.

yeah, …

(eeshlo) #2

Quite clever actually, I have thought of using OGL to try to control different aspects of the gameengine, but I never got around to it. I just tried to see if it was possible to do anything else using OGL, and I could actually enable real environment mapping in 2.23 this way, not really much use anymore, but still…
Thanks for the idea!

(saluk) #3

Sounds cool, but I can’t download it for some reason. The link doesn’t work.

Very good idea though, and don’t rag too much on pooba, he was able to do more than you would expect without python. And his split screen test is from a long time ago, of course a new one will probably be better:)

(wiensta) #4

there already is a script for that…

im too lazt to upload, search for : py_envmap.blend

(Yamyam) #5

z3r0 d: It’s cool! But this file doesn’t work in Publisher 2.25… :frowning:
And please set MIME type for .blend files in your site, or zip this file.

saluk: You can download with download tools(Reget, Iria, etc…).