how do i make a splitscreen?
now i have a first person game (because of the camera…) and i want to make a splitscreen, so a second person can play, too… how do i make that? or is it possible to make a splitscreen? :spin:

I know how to do do it after I inspected this tutorial so I think it should be hard for you to learn it, thanks to Clark Thames: http://www.tutorialsforblender3d.com/Game_Engine/Viewports/Viewport_2.html

it also has a finished blend file so you could also take a look at that or any of his other BGE tutorials, they can help you a lot with setting up your game!

hi owais,

The Blender game engine can do a splitscreen (viewports) but you need python to do it. I have a tutorial on my website if you want to take a look at it. It includes the python script and there is a finished blend that you can download.

Viewports (splitscreen) tutorial


didn’t work…

hi owais,

You did download the finished blend? Does that work?

If you want, you can post a sample blend and I’ll take a look at look it.


well i have blender 2.49…
do i need the newer version? if i downloaded it, can i still play my game?

and how can i upload my file? sorry… i am new at blender, and i am a noob xD

hi owais,

You have 2.49. 2.49a is mostly bug fixes. If you download 2.49a, your game should play without problem.

Uploading an example blend that shows your problem.

If your example blend is under 976.6 KB, you can upload it here. At the bottom of this page, there’s a “Go Advanced” button under the “Quick Reply” box. Select that, and you’ll see a “Managed Attachments” button. Use that to upload the file.

If it’s bigger than that, you can use an upload service. Some people like rapidshare or cdupload but there are other services. Just pick the one that fits your needs and then post the link in your message.


Ok, here it is…
I don’t know why it doesn’t work, but anyway… thanks for your help! :yes:


Owais-Game 0.4.blend (214 KB)

hi owais,

I’m happy to take a look at it but you uploaded the wrong file. I’ve done that myself more than once. :yes:

(The Viewports.py script is missing from the Text Editor and player camera is missing the logic brick setup for using the script.)

Upload the file with your viewport setup and I’ll take a look at it.


do you mean the blend1 file?

Hi owais,

The blend file that you uploaded (Owais-Game 0.4.blend) doesn’t have the python script or the logic brick setup for using viewports. :frowning:

It has a couple of buildings and two cameras. I’ll take a look at your setup for viewports but there has to be a setup to take a look at. :yes:

BTW. Did you download the finished blend for the Viewports tutorial? Does that work on your computer.


i have no clue, man… but blender works fine… i think
i don’t know what a phython is
i am sorry, i am new to blender, and i only watched one tutorial (30 mins long) and i am not familiar with all the opertunities in blender…

Oh. I’d suggest taking a look at a few more tutorials first. Learn the basics before you start scripting. But just so you know now, Python is the scripting language used by Blender. You write scripts in the Text Editor, and you run them using logic bricks.

thx magnum, but most of the tutorials are too complicated for me!

this was the best tutorial for me and i am almost on this level (well a little better^^)

oh! i found a python setup for my windows! o.O
version 3.1.1

and i installed it…