Splitting a Mesh Into Exact Parts

Good Morning (or Day, or Night) to you my ever-helpful peers! I am currently working on an open-world game (or the concept of one, at least) and I am using the ANT_Landscape generator conveniently located in blender;). I have a huge world currently - 6.5 km wide and 6 million vertices total. Since this is so large, I need to split this up into equal-size tiles (starting with halves I would say). I usually would just go with a box select and try to get half, but there are so many vertices that I can’t find any way to get exactly half of the mesh selected. If there is any possible way to get exactly half of a mesh separated, that would be amazingly helpful.

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maybe look at the top of blenders ui and there you can see the exact number of faces of your mesh. try to select in top ortographic view mode with your box selection nearly the half of the mesh and press strg + to select exactly half of the faces. You can see that also at the top of ui… the only idea I have at the moment… dont know exactly how your mesh looks like… besides the box selection you can also use edge loop selection and do the strg + thing…


a better way:

place your ant landscape in the middle of the grid. zoom in (ortographic view and in object mode) as much as you can. Then go to edit mode and loop select the middle edgeloop. Split that edge and select one polygon on one half of the mesh. Go to select linked and than one half of the mesh should be selectet. Press p to seperate the selection. I know it takes a while of computing with 6 million vertices… but think that is the fastest way to do it.

Awesome! Thanks for the great explanation. I think you just saved me lots of time that I can now spend on useful things.

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cool :slight_smile: good luck and happy blending…

Use Intersect -> Self Intersect