spookey action at a distance secret to the universe

Have you heard of this spooky quantum action might hold the universe together by brian swingle.I think it is a interesting theory don’t you?

From what I gather some physicists have developed a method using tensors that may allow them to process more information about the universe in their models by compressing the amount of available inforation, essentially only working with the information scienctists can currently measure and throwing away everything else.

While I’m sure it’s quite useful from an evolution of knowledge standpoint, it’s good to note that the amount of gained processing ability seems like being able to count two, as opposed to the previous one, grains of sand in the Sahara desert in an effort to understand the full scale of the desert. Better, yes, but far from accurate.

He was saying he believed that this universe was in a quantum computer.So our quantum computers will make other universe’s and those universe’s would have quantum computers in them.That would create other universe’s.Seems like the tron movie’s to me.

Who is Brian Swingle, what type of degree does he hold, what does he have that might lend credibility to his theories?

This is the first time I’ve heard of him to be honest.

@LostScience: The article I read on the subject focused more on Brian Swingle’s suggestion that computer models be based more off of tensors to increase the amount of information they can process in a given time. In actuality, they’re processing the same amount of information, but from more sources because a lot of that information is no longer being considered in the process.

A bit like 3D modeling for example. With Blender we can try to simulate reality, but actual reality is far too complex for our computers to calculate and far too complex for our brains to re-create so we get rid of a lot of stuff, instead of using a trillion trillion atoms to model the surface and volume of something we only create a few verticies connected creating faces which essentially estimate everything in-between using highly simplified interpolation methods. It looks great indeed, but as we all know, far from the real thing.

As for a quantum computer generated universe, Brian Swingle did not come up with that theory, I’ve heard numerous mathematicians suggest that our entire universe actually exists as a computer simulation, perhaps designed to help the designer understand their own universe. The idea is that a race of beings designed computer models to simulate their own universe in an effort to understand that universe, much like we create computer models to help understand our own, and we are artificial intelligences existing within that simulation. This theory has been around for quite some time.

True or not that theory doesn’t bring us any closer to understanding our surroundings. It also suggests that if there were ever a way to contact the creator of that computer he wouldn’t have any answers to offer us because that creator was actually looking to us to give him the answers. :spin:

@Ace: Brian Swingle is a recent graduate of M.I.T. and because of this people think his opinion holds more weight than the opinions of others.

P.S. A tensor in physics is like a vector, it’s a mathematical value that represents more than one value such as that a vector can represent both direction and velocity.

“Spooky action at a distance” is a reference to entanglement. One of the more interesting things about it is, it’s instantaneous… or it seems instantaneous. Time isn’t really relevant to quantum mechanics. It seems that if there are going to be infinite universes, then there already are infinite universes. Wrap your head around that.

Geordy Rose said that Newtonian Mechanics is a subset of Quantum Mechanics. This being the case we live and breath in a subset of natural reality. There is really no telling what kind of discoveries could be made. They could be beyond our imagination.

I love to read about theories like that – about Nikola Tesla’s pioneering work, etc. Because, I think that “the limits of our imagination” is a limit. We’re constrained by our place-and-time in space-and-time, and by our limited points-of-view. We try to extrapolate this limited knowledge, without producing nonsense and without overlooking something important, but we really don’t know when we commit either sin.

Yeah, one crime many scientists commit is thinking something is preposterous,
without really thinking about the topic, instead it is instantly rejected because it does not fit their beliefs.

Scientists have one issue, And that is a modest inability when it comes to thinking from outside of their chosen field of study. And it is much the same way as normal people solve their problems, Police officers solve their with the law, Shrinks will get you to talk about it.

But the thing to remember about science it it has been said it is the art of becoming less wrong. It has its conventions, Its rule breakers. And the occasional moments when they will say nothing else matters but <insert whatever here>

For instance, Decades ago BF Skinner said the mind is a black box that we will never know what is going on inside of it, But we can see what comes out of it, And that is behavior. So let us measure behavior (Paraphrase from many sources, google it on your own time) And very likely he knew about lesion studies where there were cases of brain damage that left marked changes on behavior, He knew well about how some chemicals could change behavior.

But By him saying that. He was able to put a stance into effect in order to make forward progress in psychology and the study of human behavior. It produced a frame work for the adjacent schools of thought to use as a reference, And it put the chaos of science into some form of orderly conduct. With in a limited scope at least

The cost of doing this, Is most of your work will later be taken out of context, And it will be the standard that other works will use to validate themselves by proving the first one inaccurate. But sometimes this is what is needed to be done in order to get progress moving forward. Or as I tell my niece when I’m helping her with papers “Just put words on paper, We can edit it later”