Spoon - My first animated short film

Hello blender community,

Excited and anxious to share with you my first animated film, finished in February for a contest called Nikon film festival.

Two ways to see it:

On my Vimeo, with an updated version

On contest site: https://www.festivalnikon.fr/video/2021/1595

A short making of if you’re interested: https://vimeo.com/692592575

I’m not a 3D artist, as I come from live action films (and still my main work), but I found in blender a perfect tool to try different stories.
It’s a whole new world to me, and so glad to be part of this community.

This movie was a challenge made in approx. 8 days. I’ve tried to transfer my knowledge of real shooting into 3D, and bought a LOT of model (by the way many thanks to Alexey Drozd for the amazing character and rig) and just did lighting, animation and texturing. (and a few modelisation when necessary)

The movie was rendered online on concierge render, with Cycles, at approx 1500 / 2000 samples per shot. Graded and danoise on davinci resolve.

I want to thanks all blender community, for such creativity and inspiration. This movie wouldn’t have been possible without this positive energy.

Hope you will like it.

Long lives Blender !!


love the cinematography in this!


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

This is so cool!

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Oh so nice !! thanks a lot !! really appreciate it.

Thanks a lot !

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Great idea and beautifully executed. It is clear that you are used to working with films. :+1:


nice!! congrats and good luck!

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Great, in every aspect. Hope to see more movies like that. :slight_smile:

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This is great!
Love it!

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Very nice.

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congratulation my friend.you finished in 8 days what i am doing in more than 100 days

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haha it’s not a contest, the important is to go where you want. But I think the key is deadline and script, it’s force you to choose.

8 days?!?!


It looks amazing! I am shocked that it took only 8 days. Especially, because there are so many sceneries and because animations are so fluent and precise. Great work!
I love the sceneries (especially when she is just above the clouds), materials, animations and the concept. :heart_eyes: