Spot light halo? Where did it go?

nice, it looks like a 2D illustration, do you have a online portfolio?

Nothing beyond here. I only recently started getting halfway decent.

what tool do you use to texture? is it painting? procedural?

Substance Painter, and it’s a mix and match of procedural and handpainting. It’s all actually fairly simple. A variation of this…

ok, I don’t know Substance, I try not to learn too many things, but the result is quite nice :wink:

Trust me, Substance Painter is one of those indispensable tools, well worth taking the time and effort to learn.

Really, it’s not VASTLY different from Photoshop. If you have a working knowledge of it, you won’t have too much trouble acclimating to Painter.

See why 2.79 Internal is so cool?

A spot halo is a simple effect, 1 on/off switch, and 2 sliders. Takes no time at all to get a “good enough” effect.

Simplify man, simplify.

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mmh well, ok but it won’t make me regret Blender Internal :wink:

This looks pretty good - I take it that the Default Cube encompasses the spot and plane again - like your earlier post?

Also, I noticed that the cube has a modifier. Is it important (and what is it?)


Nope. No default cube in that scene. It’s just the cone, and the plane. The effect is all in the shader.

It has a subdivision surface modifier on it to make it round. Otherwise, it’s just a cube I deleted the top and bottom from, and stretched out.

If you want, I could upload my .blend file for you to check out. There’s not much to it.

I got it working.

Your screen shot shows the selected object to be “DefaultCube”, so that threw me off. I also forgot about Alpha Blend. But I got it now.

It looks OK, and I’ll keep experimenting!

Thank you so much.

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