Spot light halo? Where did it go?

Hi. I’m at 2.82.
Where is the “Halo” On/Off for the spot light? (Eevee or Cycles)

Hello, please be a bit more specific about what you mean by “halo”. In Eevee you can enable the Properties > Render > Bloom option, is it what you’re looking for? In Cycles this option doesn’t exist so you need to do it through the Compositor with Glare node for example (also works in Eevee).

The spot light in 2.79 had a setting called “Halo”. Where you could see the light go through the air, like in a smoky room/concert.


wow ok sorry I never knew that
It was a Blender Internal feature though

You’ll need to use volumes for those. You create a cube that encompasses your scene, give it a material, and assign a Principled Volume node to it. Like so…

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OK. Cool! I’ll give it a try.

I tried it out, and it is similar but not the same. I’ll keep experimenting!

Again, thank you!

Just make your fog thinner, boost your light, and play with your volumetrics and world settings a bit.

you can simply create a cone and use a Layer Weight as factor of a Mix Shader between a Transparent and an Emission node

edit: of course it was meant to be an answer to calpgrmr :wink:

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That would work. Only problem is it’d only work in Cycles, not Eevee.

edit: Actually, you can do some cool stuff with this…

it works with Eevee as well, you just need to enable Alpha Blend and Shadow None in the material settings

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Oh yeah…

Excuse my derp moment. Should’ve thought of that. :stuck_out_tongue:

it won’t work fine if you’re in front of the cone but you can create a sphere with the same material that you put at the lamp position in order to still see a light

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I added a gradient texture to another transparency node, and got this. It helps with the sudden termination when it intersects with the floor.

yes there are a lot of things you can do, like using noise to make it a bit more natural, etc…

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I’ll probably end up using this. It’s pretty neat.

yes it’s a quick trick to fake bloom, like this (play with the Emission strength if needed). Works fine in Cycles and Eevee and you don’t need to use Bloom or Compositor:


same with noise and displacement:


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Quick question. Is there a way to set an object to be ignored by lights in Eevee?

not that I know for the moment, except with the Compositor of course, I think it will be implemented soon. Everybody is asking for it and I think I’ve heard Pablo Vasquez talking about it if I’m not wrong (?)

Shame. I tried it out in my most recent scene, and it looks great, save for it interfering with the lights.

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