Spot lights in cycles not so good as in blender render.

I miss having the spot light feature in Blender render. I have these hanging lights from a ceiling and find it hard to have them shine down like spot lights. Also I have to turn up the power high to light an area. I have the light lens as the emitter, is there a way to direct more light down without having to turn up the power in the thousands?

Cycles sample only one random light every bounce. Obviously, if many light present, it take long to get rid of dithering noise. I suspect you miss BI feature that it probe all lights and sum values in every bounce. Can you provide screenshot to illustrate your problem?

You can use spot lights in Cycles. They work more or less the same way as in BI. High powers are required for any small light sources.

Here is my lights

here is my scene

Once I get uved into blender’s cycle, how do I get back to regular blender render. I find that cycles takes a lot of time to render. I would like to get back to blener render, do I have to redo all my materials and textures? When I get back to blender render my image looks black?